An effective content distribution strategy

Brand managers and business owners must understand how to distribute their content for maximum impact if they want digital marketing to work for their brand. These are the five critical components of an effective content distribution strategy.

For digital marketing to be effective for your brand, you must have an effective plan in place to get your content in front of your target audience. You can have the most talented content creation team at your disposal, but without top-notch distribution efforts, your content outreach efforts will be mediocre at best. The more in-depth your distribution strategy, the likelier it is your business will see customer acquisition gains via digital marketing. If you are ready to upgrade your company’s distribution strategy this year, following are five essential elements you must integrate into your content outreach efforts.

Five critical components of an effective content distribution strategy

Format formula

Integrating multiple formats into your content distribution strategy is essential. Not every member of your target audience will consume text-based content. Your content dispersion plan should include a variety of options including video, infographics, slide presentations, and visual imagery. Understand which formats work best for specific segments of your target audience and have tools in place to ensure the creation of those varied formats.


Speed is another crucial component of an effective content distribution strategy if your brand wants to capitalize on newsworthy content. When movers and shakers in your industry announce changes, the ability to distribute content quickly can often make all the difference in whether your brand is thought of as a thought leader or a copycat. If you want to ensure your content marketing delivers as much ROI (return on investment) as possible, ensure your team has a plan in place to capitalize on breaking news and trending topics.


The depth of your network can have a significant impact on the distribution of your content marketing. When you develop reciprocal relationships on social media, your network will often assist in sharing your content. Build relationships early by sharing the content of others and tag others in some of your social media posts. The old adage “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” definitely applies to content distribution on social media.

Website optimization

The quality of your website plays an important role in the circulation of your content. Webmasters who fail to optimize their website for maximum audience engagement can significantly reduce their content marketing ROI. If you want to increase the spread of your content make sure your website is optimized for both desktop and mobile, images are compressed for maximum load speed, and social sharing buttons are easily accessible to encourage content sharing.

Employee involvement

Your team members play a vital role in the spread of your content marketing assets. Encourage your employees to share company posts on their social networks. If you want to increase the number of staff members sharing your content, make your employees part of your content creation efforts. When a team member has played a role in the creation of content, their willingness to share company content increases.

Integrate these five essential elements of an effective distribution strategy into your content outreach efforts and chances are good your content marketing ROI will skyrocket. Creating valuable content is only the first step. Your distribution strategy needs to be just as strong as your content creation plans.